act-nowYour clients want results and that generally means, at some point, taking action.

But, here’s the thing: Not all actions are created equal, especially when it comes to sustainable success for your clients.

The challenge for you as a coach is this: How do you move from the discovery portion of the coaching session to application through action?

Answer: You don’t.

That’s right, you heard (or read) me: You remain in discovery even when discussing actions.

After all, how can you know what actions are best for your client? For that matter, how do you know it’s even time to move into discussing actions with your client?

Answer: Ask your client.  Partner with your client to co-discover when it’s time to bring actions into the conversation, what kinds of actions work best for your client and – and this is a biggie – how those actions reflect and expand learning.

To chunk that down, think of these 3 keywords when working with your clients in the area of actions: Partnering. Enrolling. Learning.

1)    Remain in partnership with your client to determine if it’s time to move into exploring actions, and even, which approaches work best for your client to explore action.

2)    When your client is engaged as a full and equal partner, and actions spring from their own creative resourcefulness, they are far more likely to be enrolled in following through with the actions.

3)    When actions are used to anchor and forward any learning, they are not action for action’s sake. Instead they become action for movement toward a desired outcome, which makes them more meaningful and sustainable.

When your client is not taking action s/he says they want to take, it does not mean Something Is Wrong. It simply means:


    • They haven’t yet connected at a deeper level with why they want to take the action and/or
    • They don’t yet have the resources they need to follow through and/or
    • They have the resources but don’t recognize this, and so don’t trust themselves in taking the action.
    • There is a perceived risk in taking the action that needs to be addressed and resolved.
    • They are living from an old story that keeps them from acting.



In other words, it really means they’re sitting smack dab in the middle of great big ole’ Learning Opportunity, and odds are, so are you, Coach.

So partner. Enroll. And invite the learning. Because all actions are not created equal and those resulting from this approach are far more likely to serve your clients with reaching –and even surpassing – the outcomes they want!

In celebration of all that is possible when we are in appropriate action!



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