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You find yourself in a new leadership position.
Facing a larger scope of

Perhaps you’ve been promoted over colleagues, some of whom may be…less than enthusiastic.

Or you’ve been working really, really, REALLY hard to get that next promotion that always seems just out of reach.

Or perhaps you report to well-intentioned but uncommunicative senior leaders who – bless them – actually make things harder for you.

So you end up feeling you MUST always be “on.” Stuck in “go-do-push” mode because you can’t afford to ease up.

But there’s the thing: You can’t go on this way. And you already know this.

You realize something has to change within this organization – but you’re not sure what it is, or how to change it.

Here’s the thing…

The way things have been done before aren’t working.

What was ‘ok’ isn’t being tolerated anymore.

For starters?

There is a ceiling on how much harder and longer you can work before your body and your spirit tell you to pack it in.

And that’s NEVER fun. Or pretty. Trust me…been there.

Then there’s this whole communication thing: When to speak up and how (without being branded a bitch or a ball-buster). What you can and can’t say.  What is too much and what’s not enough, especially in an increasingly virtual workplace.

So you end up juggling:

What is actually going on, what you wonder about, how you wish things could be…

While simultaneously keeping senior leadership satisfied, mollified and any other “fied” you can think of when many senior leaders in today’s workplace? Are operating from yesterday’s mindset, values and entitlement.

All of this eats huge holes in your personal bandwidth at a time you need all of your resources available to you.

It’s time for a better way.

Here’s how  I can help.

Lead Collaboratively

You want to connect with other women in leadership roles looking to change the culture of the organization.

Build Capacity

You want 1:1 support with how you inhabit your leadership role

Transform Culture

You want support creating a new culture within your organization

Lean in to your capacity

There’s a new conversation in town

If you are serious about the business of change, it’s time for you to join a new conversation about what it takes to deal with today’s challenges.

The Challenge Chronicles – for leaders, coaches, talent stewards and culture shapers who know that it’s time to be part of that conversation.

About Lyn Allen

I am someone who has the advantage of having grown up in a household with unacknowledged and untreated mental illness.

The result? A life-long bone-deep curiosity about why people behave the way they do. Why they do what they do and why they don’t do what they say they want to do.

This curiosity led me to work in the mental health field even before graduating from college with a degree in Psychology. It led me to explore human development and transformation through a variety of pathways. And ultimately, this curiosity led me to work with leaders like you.

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