Once upon a time there was a very special land called Coaching. The people in Coaching Land devoted their lives to the growth and development of humankind. It was a thriving land full of creative thinkers and dedicated service. But – there was a shadow on the land.

In the very center of Coaching Land stood a forbidding Forest. Dark and scary creatures lived in the forest, and the most frightening of all was the Dragon. It had many names, this Dragon, some you may have heard: Emotions. Feelings. Even Warm Fuzzy Stuff.

Residents of Coaching Land had been warned to stay out of the forest, but a few brave and curious Coaches paid no heed. There were rumors of Coaches who ventured into the Forest, never to be heard from again.

The rumors grew. Debates raged, speculation increased and more Coaches became fascinated with the Forest – and the Dragon who lived there. Legend suggested the Dragon guarded an incredible treasure. Some coaches wanted to meet the Dragon and attempt to parley with it. Others wanted to vanquish the Dragon and seize control of the Forest.

Matters came to a head when a Wisdom Council convened to address the issue. Many Coaches, young and old, traveled to attend the meeting because they wanted answers to the questions that had plagued generations of Coaches:

Do we ignore the Dragon and avoid the Forest?

Do we venture into that dark place and risk being lost, or worse – being held prisoner by the Dragon?

Can we continue to expand Coaching Land with the threat of the Dragon hanging over us?

After much discussion and reflection, the Council reached a decision and one of the Council Members stood to address those gathered. The throngs of Coaches fell silent, waiting for the guidance that would – once and for all – lay rest to the troublesome questions.

The Council Member said We hear you. We recognize the challenge the Dragon has posed to the residents of our fine land. In order for all of us to continue growing and thriving as a people, as a nation, we need to change our relationship with the Dragon. We will – and he paused for dramatic effect – befriend the Dragon.

The crowd gasped.

He continued. Because we know Coaches are lifelong learners, and because you are all committed to excellence in coaching, we will bring forth a class to support you. It shall be called Befriending the Dragon.

All residents of Coaching Land are welcome at no charge, for we desire to support Coaches, young and old, near and far, with moving into a new era of peaceful relations with the Dragon in the Forest.

You can learn more or register for Befriending the Dragon, here.

Watch this space to learn what happens next in our parable. The story has not yet ended…