Leadership Accountability



Section 1: Self Awareness / Observation

Part of human nature is that we tend to see what we look for. If you are looking for how people fail to measure up, not only is that what you will see, it is likely ALL you will see. Additionally, we all have built-in filters and biases capable of skewing how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.


This section asks you to ask yourself, "What do I need to be aware of and willing to observe about myself in order to be a fully accountable leader?


1. I am aware of the conversations I tend to avoid because they are not comfortable for me.

2. I am aware of my 'come from' in my interactions with those I lead.

3. I know when I am in emotional reaction.

4. I can tell when I'm not present.

5. I know what to do to bring myself present again.

6. I know what my patterns of armoring/self-protection look like.

7. I recognize when my ability to connect - and therefore lead - effectively has been compromised because of my armoring/self protecting.

8. I know the difference between what 'gives me life' (gives me energy, expands me, lifts me) and what reassures, numbs or distracts me.

9. I notice when I get caught in negativity or non-productive story.

10. I recognize when I have unmet needs influencing my thoughts, feelings or behavior and take appropriate action to address those needs.

11. I observe my feelings and the thoughts tied to those feelings as foundational practice in continually developing my emotional literacy - and accountability.