The Resilience Lab

For Women In

For years now

women in leadership roles have been telling me what they want.
Some of what I’ve been hearing includes:


“I want to get more organized.”


other versions...

“I want to get a handle on everyting on my plate right now.”

“I want to do a better job of staying focused on what really needs to get done.”


"I want to know how to motivate disengaged employees."

other versions...

“I want to know how to hold team members accountable.”

“I want to know how to get my team to be more productive, or get someone to take initiative.”


“I want to know how to deal with a difficult boss.”


other versions...

“I want to know how to deal with a toxic or abusive boss. Or a boss who is a micro-manager with a need to control everything. Or a boss who is so checked out, I might as well not have a boss at all. Or a boss who is stressed and takes it out on others including me.”


“I want a life.”


other versions...

“I want more work/life balance.”

“I want to stop feeling so tired.”

“I want to get out of the cycle of working until I’m exhausted and sick. I want to stop feeling guilty about my kids when I’m focused on work, and to stop feeling guilty about not working when I’m focused on family or “me” time.”

“I want to know what “me time” actually is.”

What’s really fascinating

Underneath what you’ve been telling me is a deeper want. The core, if you will, that unless surfaced and addressed, can derail you. Can leave you feeling dissatisfied and yearning for something still unexpressed and unacknowledged.

Why is all of this important?


If you don’t understand what’s going on, you can make yourself wrong, and that’s a really hard way to live. It eats the heck out of your personal bandwidth and makes it energetically (and emotionally) expensive to accomplish, attain and achieve at the levels you desire.


When you surface that deeper want — the yearning that lives underneath all the internalized cultural conditioning that’s dictated who you have to be and who you don’t dare be — once we wrap language around that yearning, something extraordinary happens: Your mind can begin to work with what you’re feeling in much more productive ways. All the energy that gets pent  up, circling and churning inside, begins to move out into the world in ways that are creative and generative. Productive vs. destructive.

Possibilities that can’t
otherwise exist open up to you.

Just to name a few

You can regain lost zest for your work and those you lead.

You can step out of the exhaustion loop and expand your resilience.

You can see your way forward with clarity on next steps.

You can be present at the table in ways you may never have thought possible.

You can stick around to continue making the contributions you want to.

You can be part of the solution vs. a pawn or perpetrator of the problem.

So here’s what I’ve been thinking…

I have opened a group coaching experience for women in leadership roles who feel in their bones there’s got to be another way…women who need to be able to make their contribution without having it compromise their confidence or well-being.

My intention is to provide a container within which you have a safe space to try on new ideas and conversations, to explore yourself and see this exploration – and growth – both met and mirrored by like-minded community – with all of this experience facilitated to include coaching woven throughout.

Based on feedback from women who have already participated? This program offers you a place:

To let go of the weight of the masks Culture tells us we have to wear in order to be successful. You get to be authentic.

To let go

Are you interested? Or do you know someone who:


Wants this year - and the next - to be different.


Is ready to build more solid ground underfoot for greater resilience.


Appreciates how important it is for women, who are the culture shapers and way-finders, to build internal capacity.


Desires support for the next phase of their career journey, including preparing for a desired promotion or settling more comfortably into a recent expansion of responsibility.


Wants to experience coaching and/or working with me, but is not quite ready to work with me privately.


Enjoys exploring in community because you get the value of having your questions and your growth mirrored and you love the cross-pollination that happens in a dynamic group experience.

The Resilience Lab



A n intimate three month group coaching experience, with limited space.


Two 90 minute live calls each month, all recorded with download access for all members so you never need to miss anything even if your schedule conflicts.


A special offer just for members of this group, to work with me 1:1 at a steeply discounted rate.

The June 2021 cohort is being offered at the pilot program fee of $197 per month for three months. This is likely the last time this program will be offered at the pilot rate.

Upgrade to add the private coaching option:  You get one 1:1 coaching session each month for $197/session.

If you wish to reserve a space in the Resilience Lab pilot for yourself, let’s talk. I want to be sure the Lab will be a good fit for you. Contact me using the form below before all the spaces are filled.

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