If you’ve studied transformation at all, you likely have quite a few tools and tricks up your sleeve. And if you’re like me, you have had mixed results. Some things work for you and others don’t. Some work part of the time and not at others.

Confusing, isn’t it?

It’s frustrating to feel highly motivated, to DO all the things you’ve been told to do and still…not experience, feel, manifest what you want.

After a 40 year fascination with human development, change and transformation, here is what I know:

Several things need to come together to support transformation and without these intersecting and interacting, you’ll chase your transformational tail in circles.

When the tail-chasing happens repeatedly, it becomes damaging. When you experience intermittent (or zero) success with making the changes you want? It dings you in your self trust. Bleeds joy dry. Erodes faith and kills hope.

Not to bring you down, but I see and hear this often. Often. And, I’ve lived it. In fact, I suspect we have an epidemic of impaired self trust and lost hope.  Diminishing ability to dream. To see and live into ever expanding possibilities.

Just recently, yet another heart-centered, light-filled, deeply spiritual person told me that after several very stressful years, he is no longer willing to hope things could be different.

This is not entirely surprising: In some ways, the transformational field is a little crazy-making.

After all: You’ve no doubt been told you have the power within you to create what you want as your reality. (right?)

I’m guessing you’ve also heard how powerful your thoughts are in shaping your experience and your feelings.

But what you may not have been told is that other things come into play to powerfully focus your thoughts and shape your feelings. That working hand in hand with thoughts and feelings are the 3 A’s:

Attunement, Alignment and Allowing.

 Attunement to self is the basis for attunement to and connection with everything else. For the bone-deep, in-the-moment awareness that tells you….stop, listen, lean here, flex there. Move. Don’t move. Turn left, stay straight. Without attunement, self trust is iffy at best.

Alignment with self is essential so you can stop working against yourself and get complete buy-in on all levels from within. Alignment helps you develop the resilience that carries you through ups, downs, rapid growth and (seeming) non-movement.

Allowing is required for receptivity. Your ability to receive. Allowing demands an open heart ‘cause baby, it’s hard to take in life’s bounty with a closed heart. Allowing expands your capacity for delight, joy, and possibly the most important ingredient of all in the transformational stew:


The ability to marvel, to feel amazement. To delight in what is before you in the unfolding moment.

Why do you need wonder? Because wonder is expansive and life-giving. It reconnects you to the Great Mystery of Creation.

Remember what it is like to have your breath catch with the beauty of a sunset? To feel your heart melt when you hear a child’s uninhibited giggle,or feel it swell when you witness great courage or innovation?

This is wonder. The state of unbridled receptivity. No barriers. Nada.

When you are in wonder, you are wide open to take in what life offers you in the moment. Open. Receptive. Allowing the full measure of life’s bounty to come to you. Including the transformation you’ve been seeking.

And here’s what really excites me about all of this: The state of wonder can be cultivated.

How do I know? It’s part of what I’m hearing from participants in the Nine Days to Peace program. They’ve been telling me how they’re reconnecting with self trust. With faith and hope. How they’re expanding resilience and the capacity to see/hear/feel the sacred in everyday life.

And what they are seeing in their lives as a result? Takes my breath away: Freedom to show up in new ways, personally and professionally. Courage to take on new projects. Ability to have conversations that had been intimidating, or to boldly take action.

Improved quality of sleep. Deeper and more consistent meditation. Improved diet. Improved beauty and order in homes and offices. Beginning a joyful exercise practice that led to running a 5k race — in less than 90 days!

To name a few.

Does this fill me with amazement? Do I marvel at what I’m witnessing? Do I ever.

(And thanks to 9 Days, now you can, too.)

In celebration of wonder and all it brings,


PS: Wonder of wonders: you really CAN have the change you want – in as little as 9 Days. Join me here and we’ll put Attunement, Alignment and Allowing to work for you so your life’s finally what you’ve always wanted it to be.