The human heart amazes me. Not the physical heart, although truly, it IS a wonder. No, I mean the emotional center, the gateway to the Soul and to all of Creation. That heart.

At a time on this planet when so many human hearts are in pain, there is a growing number of hearts called to serve and support those walking through that pain.

In these days of unprecedented change among humankind, there are those hearts who resonate with what is now possible for us all. They choose to embody the new possibilities and in that embodiment, to offer navigational support for others moving through the currents of change.

Among these huge generous hearts who are here in service, are those who call themselves, “Coach.”

Because, you see, it is time.

And when you get the call to step onto the Path of the Coach, several things can happen – and they can happen simultaneously.

  • You might resist or question this call, even when in the deepest part of your knowing, you recognize the call. Because your heart has been waiting for it.
  • You might ask, “Who me? Why me? Now? Really?” And you can point to so many reasons why not: The economy, the timing, other commitments.

And here’s the really funny part of this all, as if your Soul and the Great All the Is have conspired in a huge cosmic joke: The wake-up call to this path of service is also a wake-up call to Self.

Because the moment you step, however tentatively, onto this Path called Coaching, you up the ante in your commitment to be who you came to be in this lifetime.

The stakes go up. Your responsibility to your self knowing, self care, to alignment with Self on all levels, takes a quantum leap. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve already invested in self growth, healing and transformation: The Coaching Path takes it all up a notch or 10.

And yes, while the call is to be of service, to be deeply and lovingly present with others in their path of discovery, I believe the even deeper level of service on this path, is really about Being, including:

  • Being so fully present with all of who you are that you no longer hide from yourself in any way.
  • Being so committed to your own wholeness and integration that you learn to celebrate all aspects of what you discover in the ever-deepening inward journey.

Because the resulting expansion from that inward journey is the basis for our capacity to be with each other in love and in service.

We cannot give to others beyond what we are able to give to ourselves.

So why not give it all – starting with unstinting acceptance, delighted discovery and pure unabashed celebration of your deepest Self – as the basis for what we bring to each other. As the foundation for what we hold for each other.

Because just possibly, humankind is ready now  – more so than ever before – for what we have to offer ourselves and each other.

Be the coach you want to be. Be the coach your Soul calls you to be through your journey with yourself. Because it is time, now more than ever.

In celebration of the adventure!