Welcome to the Leadership Accountability Self-Assessment.

This assessment is intended as an introduction to a radically new perspective on how to cultivate accountability as a central thread in the fabric of organizational culture.

What to expect: The assessment is divided into nine sections or categories, each of which comprises an essential element of building accountability as a cornerstone in up-leveling culture. Each section gives you the option of saving your work and returning to it later, or continuing to the next page after you respond to the items in that section.

Completing the entire assessment should take you no more than 15-20 minutes.

The nine sections are:

Once you’ve completed and submitted your assessment, you will see a results page which shows you all of the questions with your answers.

What happens next:

If you are completing this assessment as part of a current coaching experience with Lyn, print the results page and have it on hand to review in your next coaching session.

If you are completing the assessment independently, you will likely discover you have questions as you go through the assessment and when you see your results.  At the end of your results,  you will see a Next Steps section offering you options for advancing your journey in the evolution of accountability.



When you are ready to begin the assessment, click the button at the bottom of this screen.