You want your client to have it all and get it all, right?

Most coaches do. I know I do.

But – and this is a big BUT – your wanting (or needing) your client to get it may actually work against you and your client. In fact, your deep desire to serve can compromise the value you offer your clients.

One way this can show up is if you tend to “download” information all over your client, in your desire to help them understand or gain an insight as quickly as possible.

Beware the tendency to download.

It can actually limit client growth and learning.


And if you’ve been following me lately (see the 3 Secrets call for more on this), you’ll know I”m banging a drum about client growth being more important than results in coaching.

So here’s a quick tip to help you remain focused on developing your client vs. downloading all over them:

1) Chunk down, chunk down, chunk down. Be willing to offer smaller bits at a time and weave them into a back and forth dialogue.

2) Confirm, confirm, confirm. Check in with your client to see how your observations, reflections and messages land for the client. Be sure they’re tracking with you. Adjust if they aren’t.

3) Boost your language impact. Use image-based language so you can use fewer words with greater effect to leverage your client’s learning opportunity in the moment.

Remember: Image-based language can help people ground a new concept more quickly because of the way the brain processes information.

When you use metaphors, analogies and teaching stories effectively, you can help your client grow more quickly by reducing the amount of time needed for them to internalize new information.

That’s powerful value to offer your clients!

If this speaks to you and you want to go deeper, you’ll be interested in my advanced language course for coaches, where I show you how to use language to develop vs. download. In fact, I’ll share tools, tips and techniques to help you  exponentially up-level your ability to support your clients’ growth.

Check it out and let me know if you have questions. As of this date, June 13, 2012, there are only 5 spaces remaining in the class beginning June 19. If one of those spaces has your name on it, contact me immediately to secure your seat. or dial 870-446-6408

Above all, be sure you hold your focus as a coach on developing your clients vs. doing a download that can shut down your clients’ learning.

In celebration of your commitment to your clients’ development!