Who knew I could have such fun traveling AND pick up coaching tips at the same time?

For example: People told me the French, especially Parisians, can be a bit dismissive and impatient with Americans.

 And nothing could be further from the truth.

Coaching lesson #1: It’s all about perception and perspective.

For 7 days in France, everywhere I went, I experienced a warm welcome. People were friendly, often accommodating  my fumbling attempts at French.

Another language was used: The universal language of invitation – to explore, sample, learn, and enjoy.

The language of invitation is different from the language of sales because it comes from a very different place. I never had the sense of anyone trying to get anything from me, including money or the sale.

Instead, it was all about what they had to offer and how they shared that with me.


Coaching lesson #2: To provide others the best experience of what you have to offer, blend the expertise of your craft with a genuine celebration of what you offer.

Share with joy. See your craft as an art form, and you will bring reverence to it. This includes the sacredness of all involved: You as the originator, your clients as the recipients and the beauty of the offering itself.

This is true whether you are a chocolatier dating back to Marie Antoinette’s time, the oldest champagne house in the district, or a human development expert.

Yes, what you offer is important. But how you offer it is equally as important. If you fear what others will think or anticipate a negative response, your heart will not be as open and the invitation will be less consistent.

It may help to remember: In these times, it is hardly likely you’ll be beheaded if someone does not resonate with your offerings.

Stay tuned for the continuation of this thread in Part Deux, where I’ll share more on the language of invitation via the 3rd Coaching Lesson I learned while off playing in Paris.

In celebration of your success!