As I contemplated the more moving moments of my recent French excursion, I realized how much love was present.

Not just the deep affection evident among my 6 traveling companions, but also the open-hearted warmth of the locals. From restaurateurs to shopkeepers to hotel staff, there was a genuine welcome. People were not merely present to engage; they invited it.

As a result, I wanted to engage with them and to enjoy what they offered.

Coaching lesson #3: Everything may be better with chocolate and champagne, but even those sublime substances are best served with love.

The most impactful moments of my Parisian adventure were those that filled me with love.

For example: I stood in the Louvre, surrounded by an unparalleled collection of art, and, the most powerful beauty I experienced was the sight of two friends as they contemplated the Mona Lisa together. Their life-long bond of love was so evident, the art became much more than something to be viewed. It became a multi-sensory experience.

When you deliver your offerings with love, you give much more than information. What you provide is even more precious than transformation.

You give a bit of your own heart. Your essence. Your soul.

When people accept that priceless gift, they are forever different.

And so is the world.

I now carry within me the quiet encouragement of our guide who showed us Paris and the youthful enthusiasm of gentleman who led our tour at Ruinart. Even the creative insistence of the hat designer who challenged me to stretch my comfort zone with a new style – this too, is now part of me.

I am changed because of encounters with people who touched my life, however briefly.

As a coach who interacts with clients for more than a few hours or days, imagine what might be possible for you and your clients when they learn about and experience offerings based in your love.


An open heart has more room for expansion, more space in which growth can occur. This includes the growth of your bottom line.

And frankly, coaching – and life – are much more delicious when we connect through the universal language of invitation.

If you’re feeling the love but not sure how to express it appropriately in your coaching or marketing, it may be time to explore how you use language to invite others to discover and experience what you offer.  If this article resonates with you, I invite you to consider my language program for coaches . Join us when you are ready to integrate your heart and love with solid technique for catalyzing your clients’ growth.

May all of your invitations reflect the beauty of your heart!