Collaborative Leaders

Culture Shapers

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Stop trying to build a new culture
from within an old paradigm

Radically rethink accountability while cultivating trust and boosting engagement

Catalyze and stabilize the next phase of evolution for your corporate culture

There’s a new conversation in town

Hi, I'm Lyn Allen.

I am someone who has the advantage of having grown up in a household with unacknowledged and untreated mental illness.

The result? A life-long bone-deep curiosity about why people behave the way they do. Why they do what they do and why they don't do what they say they want to do.

This curiosity led me to work in the mental health field even before graduating from college with a degree in Psychology. It led me to explore human development and transformation through a variety of pathways. And ultimately, this curiosity led me to work with leaders like you.

I work with people who are dealing with change, chosen and unchosen. Leaders and culture shapers who want to lead their teams (and themselves!) through new terrain, preferably without human sacrifices at the altar of Success.

This includes leaders experiencing a newly expanded scope of responsibility, who have been tasked with bringing about a significant up-leveling.

Or leaders who need to find ways to be heard more effectively, often by people who actively resist hearing.

And leaders committed to fostering truly collaborative, co-generative cultures. Leaders ready to define culture rather than having culture define them - and their success.

Here's the thing about Success: Our understanding of success and how to accomplish and achieve our way into it? Has been shaped by the predominant Cultural stories that the only way to Get There is to over-control. To conquer. Dominate.

Think about it: We attack problems. Fight issues. Drive change.

There's another way, one that helps you boost trust, gain engagement and radically reshape your understanding of accountability...all so you and your team can rise to your highest potential.

It begins with new kinds of conversations. Conversations you may not even know you need to be having. Conversations you may not be comfortable having. Conversations you would be willing to have if you knew how important they truly are.

Conversations the old Culture has told us to avoid, often at all costs. And it IS costing us.