Next Chapter

Resilience Lab

  You Know Change is coming.

There’s a “what’s next” brewing for you – and 

You want to get from where you are now to your

what’s next

Which is great – and –

That process may not look the way you thought it would.

Your what’s next may be: 


A whole New Chapter, something big like a new job, career shift, moving house or primary relationship change.

Something internal, like a rekindled zest for your work, a fresh perspective bringing new possibilities, or giving yourself more permission to speak up or show up.

Tickling the edges of your awareness or bearing down on you like a runaway train.



Change you haven’t asked for, don’t want (and may be spending energy trying to avoid).

Change you need to adapt to with as little wear and tear as possible – on you and those around you.

Change you’ve wanted for some time, something you’ve hoped and dreamed for but…haven’t found a way to bring about.

Deep down, you know:

You need to bridge the gap between where you are now and your what’s next .

You need to navigate a transition.

Preferably without pain, fear and (unnecessary) sacrifice.

Without the frustration of feeling stuck –

Or confusion when what has worked before to help you succeed….suddenly stops working – and you hit a wall.

And most of all, without abandoning yourself, selling yourself out …for the sake of Getting It Over With.

You want to get from Here to There in the ways that work for you and your life.

Now it’s time to be sure you have what’s needed to bridge the gap between here and there.


Time, space and energy to invest in this transition – because transitions can chew big holes in all 3.


Capacity and resilience for walking into the unknown and the uncertainty that are part of a transition and the journey into your What’s Next.


Perspective and support to help you remain firmly connected to what matters most to you – because we weren’t meant to do this alone.

You may be wondering if it’s realistic or possible to:

Bridge a gap into the new and unknown, to navigate a transition –

Especially a major transition – like moving house, a new job or career change, realizing a coveted promotion, walking into or out of a relationship, or…. –

Without being too tired when you arrive at your destination to enjoy getting there.

Keep reading if you want to know how.


I hand you my magic wand and – when you wave it – you can see yourself 6 months in the future, where you:

Feel so solid and grounded in yourself that the unexpected does not throw you off balance or drain you.

Step out of the exhaustion loop because you know how to prevent your energy leaks and keep your bucket filled.

Have so much zest for your life and work that you energize and inspire those around you.

Have more space to breathe, to reflect, to connect with what renews you - on a daily basis.

Are present at the table in ways you never thought possible - because you have the personal agency and energy required.

Feel confident taking your next steps into any "what's next," even when those steps aren't entirely clear.

Now, we both know I don’t have a magic wand for you, but…

For more than 3 decades, here’s how I’ve been helping people identify and move into their “what’s next,” with more clarity, confidence and comfort:


DISCOVERY: Surface the truth of what you really want, below the cloaking of ingrained patterns and cultural imprint.

Stop working against yourself (big energy leak there) AND stop settling for relief when what you want is fulfillment.


APPLICATION: Update old patterns and thinking with neuroscience-based tools.

Leverage (or rekindle) your passion and determination through greater alignment with who you really are, what you really want, and where you are now relative to your “what’s next.”


INTEGRATE & EXPAND: Build the capacities required – in your life or in your Self – for your “what’s next” to show up AND for you to transition – comfortably and effectively – into that “what’s next.”

It’s easier for that delicious “what’s next” to show up when you’ve made space for it…and the things currently filling up that space? Are often hidden in personal blind spots – that we can’t see on our own.


Bottom line:

Whether you’re still trying to determine what’s next for you or you’re already neck-deep in change, you can:


Stop feeling like you’re in the Twilight Zone when what has formerly been easy suddenly becomes harder.


Stop feeling trapped by feeling you have to run hard just to keep up, and twice as fast to get ahead.


Stop feeling derailed when your path – which you thought was clearly defined – hits a wall or comes to a dead end or has a giant pothole.


Stop feeling paralyzed with indecision and overwhelm when the stakes feel high, the path is not yet clear or competing priorities are fragmenting your focus.

Here’s the thing:

Transitions, large and small, are part of life – AND – even though they do take energy and effort, you can meet them (and all the changes they bring) without damaging your well-being or relationships.

Want me to show you…

How to flex with the turns in your path and ride through the bumpy patches

While feeling

More solid and grounded in yourself, and more comfortable walking into the unknown?

Here’s how we do that inside…

Next Chapter Resilience Lab

An intimate 4-month group coaching experience, with:


A field-tested framework designed to cut through all the internal noise that creates stress and overwhelm, and blocks you from getting what you really, really want.


Private members-only area online so everything is accessible in one place.


Dedicated office hours with DM / voice clip access for additional support.


Two 60 minute live Q & A calls each month, all recorded with download access so you never need to miss anything even if your schedule conflicts.


Members-only private podcast with all audio content plus recordings of the live sessions – for ease and portability. (Think of this as having your coach at your shoulder, in your ear – on YOUR schedule).


Two 60 minute Spotlight Coaching sessions each month, all recorded with download access – so you never need to miss anything even if your schedule conflicts.


Exclusive coaching offer for members of this group, to work with me 1:1 at a steeply discounted rate.


Bonus – The first ten people who register will receive a 1:1 session with me.

Whether you’re already into your “what’s next” or still seeking clarity on what that “next” will be, the Resilience Lab will help you identify the changes you want / need to make and strategies for moving into those changes.

Feeling too busy, too full to jump in now? If that busy-ness is more norm than exception – and you’re ready for that to change – then making that jump can be a great “what’s next.”

If you’re thinking “Hey Lyn, I’m ok. I’ve got everything handled right now and it’s all smooth sailing,” …that’s great!


Consider the effort your smooth sailing takes and imagine what else may be needed the next time things get bumpy.

Do you have what’s needed to meet unexpected challenges when they show up?

Part of what the Lab offers is a way to get clear on the what – and the how – for maintaining smooth sailing now AND when things aren’t so smooth.

Zero Worries with a 100% Money Back Guarantee

Join the Next Chapter Resilience Lab with confidence because you’re covered by my 100% money-back guarantee.

The truth is, we’ve all been disappointed by something we bought online. (There’s a lot of that these days.)

I want you to jump into the Lab – with zero worries, and start exploring how to live into your what’s next. So, I’ve set up a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

Why? Because I stand behind the Resilience Lab. I care about your experience in the Lab AND what you take from it, not just for a current “what’s next,” but for any future “what’s next” as well.

So, I don’t want any past experiences to stop you from moving beyond the frustration, overwhelm and exhaustion that so often characterize the transition into a “what’s next.”

Grab your spot in the Next Chapter Resilience Lab today — stress-free. And if, during the first 30 days of participation, you have not experienced value in the Lab, just shoot me an email and I’ll promptly refund you 100% of your purchase.


Women who have already participated

in the Lab tell me it offers you a place to…


Let go of the weight of the masks (and armor) Culture tells us we must wear to be successful. You get to be authentic.


Expand where you feel “solid” by gaining wisdom from your inner “wobbles.” You get to explore where and how you are strong – then leverage that strength.


Experience nurturing and renewal through connection. You get to stop feeling as if you are the only one who feels the way you do.


Explore accomplishing without constant pushing. You get to step off the hamster wheel and catch your breath, to practice having more “go” with less “push.”


The Lab experience is not just about helping you identify steps into a “what’s next.”

Or recognizing when Life is saying, “Heads up, you are now entering the Transition Zone.”

It’s about building the internal strength and space required so your “what’s next” can show up, AND – 

For you to experience even greater trust in yourself as you walk into the unknowns and the unexpected that are part of moving into any “what’s next.”

Because that self-trust translates into confidence. Personal agency. Less stress, anxiety, paralysis, and overwhelm. Less frustration and impatience (both with yourself and others).

Sound like something you might find useful? 

You've got questions? I've got answers!

Can I join Next Chapter Resilience Lab even if I didn't participate in the original Lab?

Yes! All the original content is included and has been enriched and expanded in Next Chapter.

Is there any point in my joining the Next Chapter Resilience Lab if I participated in the original Lab?

Absolutely! This work has continued to evolve to include how your “what’s next” and personal resilience impact each other (AND how personal power plays a part).

is an ongoing experience of transitions – from large to small, from obvious to transparent – as we move from what exists now to what’s coming next.

PLUS: We’re living in a time of significant collective transition with a lot of “what’s next” just out of sight (and sparking boatloads of uncertainty). We need to be intentionall and proactive about building resilience now, more than ever.

What if I don't have a "what's next" right now; any point in my doing this?

Well, let’s see…Do you ever experience any of the following:

  • A vague sense that something doesn’t quite ‘”fit” or work for you?
  • An itch or longing you have not yet articulated, something below the surface that you can usually (or so you believe) ignore?
  • A tendency to become impatient with yourself or others?
  • A pattern of getting caught in the go-push-crash cycle?
  • A loss of enthusiasm for your work?

These are just some of the indicators that you can benefit from building greater resilience.

The Lab is about developing the capacities that give you more resilience – so you have what you need to go after what you want, and you aren’t too frazzled to enjoy the successes you achieve.

Are there any payment plans?

Yes! I don’t want money to stop you if the Lab is calling your name. There is a multi-pay option, across three (3) months. Click the Register Now button for details.

Also – be sure to check out the Buddy Discount. If you bring a friend, you both get a 20% discount. Email us for details.