Have you ever found yourself lying in bed in the morning, overwhelmed with everything on your To Do list and dreading the day? Ever want to just pull the covers back up over your head and hide out for the day — while feeling an urgent tug to tackle your list?

You know that you – and your clients – can only DO so much in one day. So pushing harder, at some point, becomes counter productive because it simply is not sustainable. (Also not terribly nurturing for the human body or spirit!)

When you find yourself in the space of feeling the need to get more done, and not feeling the energy to get it done, this is where a Profitability Practice can really help.

And no, I’m not talking about setting your alarm an hour early so you can force your weary body and mind to cram more work into the day.

I’m talking about practices that help your Being leverage your doing.

This morning I used one of my favorite profitability practices – before I even got out of bed. I sent love into the day.


Here’s how you can apply this: Think of a task or a project you want to accomplish, especially if it is something you’ve been wanting to get done for some time.

Picture the task(s). Picture yourself in the doing. Send love into that picture.

If you have a challenging client situation, send love into your coaching session with that client.

You can go a step further and do what I did this morning: While you are still lying in bed, review your day. Notice if your energy drops at any point or if anything about the day feels heavy. If you are under-rested, the entire day may feel heavy as  you think about it.

Then send love into the day. Imaging a timeline unfolding from your present moment and send love ahead of you along that line.

If prayer is part of your practice, use it and ask for Assistance in standing in love throughout the day AND ask that you are Assisted with serving the highest good of your clients.

Notice what this simple practice does for your energy and your outlook. When I feel especially weary because my plate is really full or when I’ve not rested as completely as my body prefers (or sometimes when I’ve indulged in carbs and have a food hangover), this simple practice helps me shift my energy and move into the day with a lighter step, an open heart and a clear intention of how I want to BE in the day.

When I began this practice, my coaching went to a deeper level and I began to see unanticipated results with my clients, results that went beyond what either of us could have expected. Also I found that tasks I just had not been able to get to suddenly seemed to get done – seamlessly woven into the day somehow with no forcing.

Try it. And let me know what happens.

Here’s to your day filled with productive and profitable love!