Collaborative Leaders

Culture Shapers

Stewards of Talent

Stop trying to build a new culture
from within an old paradigm.
Radically rethink accountability while 
cultivating trust and boosting engagement.
Meet challenge effectively without battling yourself, others or the situation.



The boulder does not

push the river.

It simply stands

and the river is changed.

You’ve been trying to bring about change of some kind.

Personal. Professional. Organizational.

But it isn’t working…or lasting.

You may be weary, wondering…is there a different way?

A way other than always pushing, driving, battling.

Good news. There is.

Hi, I’m Lyn Allen.

I work with people who are dealing with change, chosen and unchosen. Leaders and culture shapers who want to lead their teams (and themselves!) through new terrain, preferably without human sacrifices at the altar of Success.

But here’s the thing about Success: Our understanding of success and how to accomplish and achieve our way into it? Has been shaped by the predominant Cultural stories that the only way to Get There is to over-control. To conquer. Dominate.

Think about it: We attack problems. Fight issues. Drive change.

There’s another way, one that helps you boost trust, gain engagement and radically reshape your understanding of accountability…all so you and your team can rise to your highest potential.

Nine Days to Peace Program

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