Getting your coaching credentials will not automatically make you profitable.

 There. I said it.

In fact, the most profitable coaches I know are not credentialed.  And by “coaches” I  mean professionals who attended a legitimate coaching school.

And by “most profitable,”  I’m talking about multiple 6-figure revenues, and up.

So am I saying don’t bother with credentialing?


I’m saying:

Be advised that letters after your name are not the magic bullet to sustainable profitability in your coaching business.

That said, I am actually an advocate of credentialing. The sheer rigor and discipline of pursuing the credentialing path says a lot about your commitment to the standards of our profession, and to your mastery of  coaching skills.

One of the most self affirming things I have done professionally was to become certified as a coach. Simply assembling the application packet helped me give myself credit for my coaching journey in a way I had not done before.

But being credentialed won’t make you rich. At least, not by itself.

So what will it give you?

1)         Gaining a coaching credential can help you give yourself credibility as a coach.

2)         This in turn can give your confidence a boost, which can contribute to your attractiveness in the market.

3)         Having a coaching credential is becoming increasingly required in some markets. Arguably, a credential may give you access you might not otherwise have to some prospective clients.


But, Lyn – you may ask – if a coaching credential can boost my credibility, confidence and marketability, how can it NOT make a difference in my profitability?

 I am so glad you asked.

The short answer: Because credentials alone do not take you where you may need to go within yourself .

Watch this space over the coming week for more on on this and related threads.