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Leading Effectively

And Sustainably – During Chaos

Module 2: Surfacing the Story

Module Resources

Below is the teaching video for this Module.

Below is the replay of our live call on 3/25/2021.
The video below is Part 2 for Module 2, and looks at how we begin to change the story and adjust expectations by challenging assumptions.

Additional Resources

18 minute video from Hamza Khan on how we need to evolve beyond yesterday’s managerial mindset in order to effectively lead teams of today and tomorrow. If you’ve found yourself wondering how to get younger team members engaged or if you’ve been singing the refrain about millennials being under-performers, his message is useful.


Andy Cohen’s TED talk on how assumption impacts perception:


Leo Babauta’s article: Mental Badassery: Becoming Aware of the Stories We Tell Ourselves: https://zenhabits.net/narrative/


The TED talk mentioned in our second live session, Brene` Brown’s original TEDx Houston talk from 2011.

Brene` Brown’s TED talk in Long Beach, 2012, in which she introduces a really useful concept: The vulnerability hangover.

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