Leadership Assessment

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  • Section 1: Self Awareness / Observation

    We tend to see what we look for. If you are looking for how people fail to measure up, not only is that what you will see, it is likely ALL you will see. Additionally, we all have built-in filters and biases capable of skewing how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

    Accountable leaders work to recalibrate what and how they notice the world around them and use their observations as a call to awareness for self-discovery.

    For example, when you notice frustration or bafflement over why team members are "sub-par performers" or whose behavior does not mesh well with the rest of the team do you:

    1. Try to find ways to get them to change so they are more like what you want them to be,
    2. Look for the latest, greatest magic bullet in leadership that, once acquired, will "make it all better" (which is essentially Option 1 above, just wearing a different dress), or
    3. Use your frustration/bafflement as a call to awareness for you to discover what the situation wants to show you about yourself?

    This section asks you to ask yourself, "What do I need to be aware of and willing/able to observe in order to be a fully accountable leader?

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