Change takes up a lot of bandwith: Making it. Fighting it. Controlling it (or rather, trying to). We have a lot of energy invested in change, either for or against, and sometimes both.We have entire professions dedicated to helping people make the changes they want in their lives. Change – and the challenges surrounding it – are big business.

Here’s the thing: You can’t force change anymore than you can push a river.

Trust me, I know. I’ve tried it. (so-o-o many times!)

And while cognitive processes are involved, they are not sufficient to facilitate lasting change. Deep change. The stuff people pay coaches for (and likely, what you’ve invested in for yourself).

Let’s face it: You can’t think your way into transformation. If we could, we would have eliminated hunger, poverty and violence a long time ago.

And you’d have more of the things you truly want.

Think about it: ever decide January 1st to start a new exercise routine, determined THIS year will be different, no matter what, only to find by February (March at the latest), your “regular” exercise routine’s already a fading memory?

Or what about your internal fitness: Self love. Compassion. Peace. Have you ever decided it was time to DO whatever it takes to BE more of who you want to be?

Funny thing about change: While doing is involved – gotta take action at some point, right? – you can’t DO change anymore than you can think yourself into it.

And every time you (or those you serve) tackle change and it does not turn out the way you thought it would, the way you told yourself it should, the resulting “failure” slams you in your self trust.

Do this repeatedly and – oh joy of joys – it sets up a spiral into shame.

No wonder we have such a tormented relationship with change: Want it. Fear it. Want it. Fear it.

But it does not have to be that way.

How do I know?

Because through my own life  path and my work with clients, I’ve discovered how to change your relationship with change itself.  And that one shift can work miracles in your life.

Want to know how?

1) Find your personal “heart of change” where intention, emotion, timing, higher purpose and evolution intersect and work together.

2) Discover your personal sacred space, both inner and outer, where you nurture the changes you want to make, because bringing the sacred into your process of change…changes everything.

3) Learn to redefine outcomes and expand how you know success.

4) Get off the fear it/want it/fear it/want it” roller coaster by making resistance your new best friend because, in truth, it is.

If you want to know more, go deeper in a sacred process of conscious change, you may be interested in a new program I’m beta testing fall of 2013. You can learn more here.

Take heart knowing that there are updated ways to facilitate the change you’ve been longing for. And as always, let me know if I can support you along the way!

May all your changes be fruitful and grace-filled!