There’s a secret I discovered in my own coaching journey: If you aren’t fully enrolled in your business, no one else will be either — including clients.

In other words,

You may not be fully “on-board” with your business.

And if you aren’t fully on-board, your business will show it. Remember, your business is a mirror of you, right?

Well, if that mirror reflects something other than a robust bottom line, it could be telling you that in some way you are not fully engaged or committed.

Consider these indicators:

1)   You want to launch a new offering, but you’ve been waffling about it.

2)   Your business has a “low ceiling.” Your revenues never seem to get beyond a certain level – and it isn’t enough!

3)   Prospective clients appear to be an endangered species – they’re rarely seen and shy about approaching you. Or if they do show up, they don’t enroll.

4)   You spend more time wondering, doubting and wishing, than creating, producing or generating.

5)   Everything seems to pull you away from your business: The distractions of daily life and other commitments  eat into your time and your mental bandwidth so you don’t seem to have space for your business.

If you see any of these indicators showing up for you, take heart: All you need is one simple shift to turn things around in a big way.

You need to get “all in” with your business.

When I say, “all in,” I’m not talking about working 24/7. This is not about abandoning all other responsibilities.

This is a mental and emotional shift.

Okay, Lyn – you may be wondering – how do I get “in?”

I’m glad you asked. Here are three steps I use with coaches in my Coaching With Love programs:

1)   Choose to be all in and declare it to yourself.

2)   Identify any resistance you have to being fully “in.”

3)   Change your relationship with that resistance.

Want more? Watch this space for the continuing thread on getting fully on-board with your business.

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