Sometimes this experience of being a physical human is unpleasant and uncomfortable.

It just is.

And then there are those moments when – if we’re paying attention – Something Wonderful Happens.

A baby is born. A team connects and meshes. A vision becomes reality.

An insight crystalizes.

An in-process shift finally anchors that last .999% …and life changes. Forever.

When we connect with these moments – and with ourselves in the moments – Something Wonderful Happens.

Life rises.

The essential creative force of the universe surges (this is important, so stay with me) when we are present and paying attention:

We Get to Ride the Wave of Life As it Rises

Why this is important: These moments of Life Rising feed and sustain us. For starters, you may experience an energy boost. I get giddy being around all the new life in barnyard each spring, and I get punch-drunk at a flower nursery.

But there’s more going on that a temporary “high on life.”

When we make this kind of tuning in a practice (NOTE: “practice” is NOT a four letter word), we’re able to plug into Life – the essence, the energy of Life – in ways that sustain us through times of challenge, when flow ain’t so present, when we’re grappling with questions or wrestling with challenges.

Being present with Life Rising builds resilience.

Resilience not only makes it easier to get back up when we get knocked down, it helps us expand our ability to stay on our feet in the first place.

It makes those uncomfortable human moments less uncomfortable and more bearable with less wear and tear on the humans involved.

Don’t know about you, but that elicits a big, “Yes, please!” from me.

So….how to cultivate this tuning into Life Rising?

  1. Notice what gives you Life. What blows your metaphorical skirts up? What lifts your heart and the corners of your mouth? Brightens your outlook? What truly nourishes you, your team, your organization, at a deep level instead of being the quick-fix emotional equivalent of junk food?
  2. When you notice Life Rising within you, DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED. Take a moment to acknowledge and savor the feeling of Life Rising. If you notice an inner impatience, ask the impatience if it will allow you to take a few moments – not much, really, in the Grand Scheme of Things – to be present with the surge of Life (and all the feelings that process engenders).
  3. When you have clarity on how Life Rising feels for you and on some of the occurrences that spark it for you, you can begin to intentionally seek and generate Life Rising experiences for yourself. This is less like adding petrol to your tank and more like plugging an electric car into the grid to recharge. One is a more isolated experience; the other has you intentionally connecting to a web of energy larger than you, larger than the moment, because you know that only through that connection can you continue to move forward without damaging yourself (or your vision or your team, or your organization…).

Notice Life Rising. Feed and nurture those moments so they can feed and nurture you, so you can then feed and nurture your hopes, dreams, goals.

Let’s just note, btw, this also builds your capacity to assist others with doing the same.

Imagine living in that world.

In celebration of the Rising Life within and around you!, and what becomes possible when we partner with it


PS: If this notion of cultivating Life Rising moments intrigues you and you want to explore this further, let’s talk. I’d love to support you in the process of determining what gives you, your team, and your organization the Life needed to realize goals, fulfill dreams and achieve your mission with less wear and tear.