One way to shift your perspective on your  coaching practice, especially if it is not quite what you want it to be, is to see it as a mirror of you. What does that reflection reveal?

And more importantly, how do you use what that reflection shows you?

One example of how your practice can be a mirror for you is when you have more empty space that you want in your coaching schedule. You can use this particular reflection by considering the following questions:

1)      Is your coaching practice telling you that you need a time out? If you aren’t attracting and enrolling consistently, it may be time to give yourself a break. This can sound illogical: Walk away from your coaching at a time you feel the most urgency to invest more of yourself in it, especially when a lack of clients hits you in your bottom line and triggers security issues.

But the truth is, clients and prospects sense when you aren’t fully available to them and the Law of Attraction will reflect this with more unscheduled slots in your calendar! I always have clients show up after I give myself the gift of down time.

Rather than fight this when it shows up, embrace it so you can get the most out of the time out and come back to your work ready and able to bring your best.

During this time out, explore what has you needing a time out. This may be the perfect time to enlist the aid of a mentor coach who specializes in a coaching approach that works at deeper levels for personal renewal and transformation.


2)      Is the emotional/energetic overhead too high in your coaching? If you are taking responsibility for your clients’ outcomes, or are attached to their action or success in any way, you may be trying to use your energy to get your clients to make changes.

This is so NOT sustainable, 1)  for you as a coach or 2) for your client’s growth. And it can set you up to skew your coaching approach so that you aren’t delivering your most effective coaching!

Take some time to notice your energy before, during and after coaching sessions. Do you feel drained or heavy? Do you have clients you dread? Do you feel frustrated with any of your clients?

There are just a few of the indicators you may be hooked in and using your energy inappropriately with your clients.


3)      Are you investing too much in preparation for your client sessions? By the way, this can be one way you try to compensate for any self doubts around the quality of your coaching skills.

Lighten up. Learn how to relax into the coaching session so it is a delight for you and your clients. You will be much more profitable!

Revisit your understanding of the value you bring to your clients. Check in to see if it’s time to improve some of  your coaching skills to boost your confidence and trust in your work.


If you will see that whatever is reflected by your coaching practice is, ultimately, about you, it makes it much easier to partner with what shows up. You stop fighting what is  (aka: move out of resistance) so you can be present with it from a very different space.

It’s one thing to get this on a cognitive level and another to internalize this on all levels. So if you see something in the mirror of your practice that does not bring you joy, take full advantage of the opportunity it presents.

Get support from your mentor coach. As you shift your relationship with what you’re seeing in your mirror, this shift will show up in your coaching approaches and coaching skills. In other words, it’s another example of growing yourself so you can bring more value to your clients.

And above all: Love yourself for being on this journey in the first place!

I love working with coaches at all stages of development who want to engage differently with the mirror provided by their coaching practice. If this speaks to you, let’s set up a time to explore what your mirror may be trying to offer you!