Curiosity may have killed the cat, but your coaching requires it in order to thrive.

And – the quality of your curiosity is also important: How you source your curiosity and where you focus it can make a huge difference in the depth of the coaching and the resulting outcomes.

I could ask, “Do you access your curiosity through your head or your heart,” but frankly, I think that question is a little outdated and polarizing.

As a slightly different frame for this discussion, consider that you can source your curiosity from your need. This can include a need to get enough information so you can move to the answer or resolution. Or a need to be the one who knows, by asking a question that confirms your thinking.

You can source your curiosity from a need to feel safe, which can have you avoid challenging questions.

As long as your comfort is more important than your client’s discovery, you can’t be the invitation for Truth to fully surface.

Let’s not forget the ever-popular need to get it right, which can creep up when you are preparing for a credentialing exam. (One of my personal favorites! )

So, curiosity can be sourced from need and ego.

To check this out for yourself, listen to a recording of your coaching. Ask yourself if your coaching questions are about serving your client’s discovery or perhaps – at times – about serving your comfort level in some way.

The most powerful and empowering curiosity in coaching originates from the coach’s delight in discovery integrated with a deeply attuned connection with the client.

At the opening of this article, I mentioned source and focus for your curiosity. Notice how the focus of your curiosity flows very organically based on how you source it internally. If you coach from in the moment connection, you are far more likely to focus your curiosity on what will serve the client best vs. manage your own comfort levels.

Next up: Watch this space for tips on how observe your own curiosity.

In support of your unfettered curiosity!