You coach, for one thing, because you love being present with another human as they grow. When you are part of someone else’s growth or healing, it gives you “juice” because you are plugged into the “current” of life.

As a coach, you are inspired by your clients. The dance of discovery expands and amazes you. You may feel most alive and thriving when engaged in a process of personal expansion with others.


Because it keeps you growing.

And you love to grow. Within the space of growth, you can experience Oneness, your connectedness with the Great All That Is.

In short, you love, you are love and you are called to share love.

 Coaching is both expression and reflection of love.


And there is another side to this coin of love within coaching.

Humans sometimes seek to give to others what they are still missing within themselves. (Think of the archetypal parent who wants his/her children to have what s/he did not have growing up.)

This is a set-up to try to complete your “unfinished business” through others’ lives, actions and growth. When an “internal itch” – something calling to be healed or simply brought to conscious awareness – demands attention, it can be oh-so-appealing to distract yourself in someone else’s process of discovery.

So what does this mean to you as a coach?

When you have unresolved issues or wounds and

someone else mirrors those for you in some way,

it “jiggles your Jello™.”

You know what I mean: That inner wobble that feels…..not quite …..right. Uncomfortable.

When this occurs, a common human tendency is to want to change the external stimulus sparking the internal resonance of discomfort.

This in turn can generate a drive to help others make changes which, yes, may well serve them, but – and this is the point it is done from the space of gaining personal relief by eliminating what is being mirrored for you.

Whether you seek to complete yourself or distract yourself from an internal pain, consciously or unconsciously, this is about needing love. It a part of the self or a space within that asks (or clamors) for loving attention.

 Again, the call to coaching is based in love, in this case, a need for love rather than a desire to express or reflect love.

And, because as humans we are multidimensional, I believe both can be true. Like two sides of the same coin, both are based in love: One is the call to express and reflect love, and the other a drive to experience love.

Either way, the truth about why coaches coach is based in love.

The most effective coaching comes from this space of love and works with love consciously.

 Coaching approaches based in love will allow you to bring your best to your clients, and invite their best to be fully expressed.

All Coaches Finishing School programs are based in a Coaching With Love philosophy. Watch this space for more on what it means to coach with love, including tips on how to continue adding value to your clients by embracing and reflecting the truth about why you coach: Love!


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