Among my favorite memories of my mother are some of her sayings. She had a way with words that would paint pictures for me. Powerful, evocative pictures that often called me to tune in more deeply and “turn on” to a new awareness or feeling.

One of her sayings I remember hearing many times across the years, when we drove at night past a many-windowed house with light pouring out of the windows, “Goodness, that house is all lit up like a country church.”

This one expression left me with a picture that’s stayed with me all my life, of a small simple structure nestled in the night beside a dark country road. A little church stands in brilliant contrast to the inky night, filled with people, song and love as light blazes through the windows like a welcoming and reassuring beacon.

The image is almost iconic for me as a representation of home, hearth and safety, of belonging, community and connection.

You’ve heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Well, Mother’s colorful sayings showed me how “word pictures” can leave impressions that linger for a lifetime. Her influence gave me a deep appreciation for the power of words to tune in and turn on. To inspire, illustrate and illuminate.

Don’t you love when this happens, and especially when you’re able to inspire, illustrate and illuminate as an expression of your work?

My wish is that you always remain connected to that internal wellspring of inspiration that allows you to inspire, illustrate and illuminate. To leave the lingering impression that touches hearts and changes lives, and in so doing, changes the world. Because in so doing, both you and those you touch are tuned in to something greater, turned on to infinite possibility – and lit up like a country church.

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One last thought: That “all lit up” state of being?  It’s a really fun place to be. Meet me there.

In celebration of your light!