If you’ve ever been on a cross- country road trip with children in the car, you have heard the question, “Are we there yet?”

Or, the occasional, adult version, “ Aren’t we @#%#@-ing there yet!?!”

It’s all about the destination. The outcome.

And yet – in real life, you know how seductive that attachment to reaching a specific destination can be. It robs you of the experience in the journey.

But still, those voices inside clamor, from time to time, “Seriously. When we will BE THERE?”

This question can relate to any aspect of the journey of life, such as when will you be DONE with a particular growth experience, life lesson, healing, transformation or education.

You want to know when you will finally be there:


F. I. N. I. S. H. E. D.

Don’t know about you, but I have tended to ask this question when I’ve been in some sort of discomfort or frustration – usually when a process or project has taken longer than I thought it would/should/could.

For example, “Excuse me but I did not calendar space for a major life transition just now; do you mind if we just move on? Quickly????”

Been there? Lately?

So here’s the huge cosmic joke around all of this: We are never finished.

And while you and I know this on some level, at times, this piece still jumps up to nip us in the backside. It serves as a reminder of the paradox of perfect imperfection, the wholeness of being a work in progress.

Coaches seem to experience this paradox and the lessons around it, and I suspect it has a lot to do with why so many coaches struggle with success.

I work with coaches at all stages of their development who are holding themselves back in some way. On some level, they feel not quite …..ready. There’s something about themselves they are not fully owning, which directly impacts their bottom line.

Trust me when I tell you I know this lesson personally. Intimately.

Years ago a mystic suggested to me I was to found a school of coaching. And I resisted this for at least 8 years. She even suggested a name: The Coaches Finishing School.

The concept: Give coaches a framework within which they could access the empowerment to boldly take their hearts’ work into the world.

But, you see…..I didn’t feel up to it. Not quite….finished myself.

I simply could not see how to own this vision and stand fully in it.

And here is the beauty of the journey that led me to today: I may never be finished, but I’m ready. (cool distinction, huh?)

Traditionally, finishing schools have been a place to polish deportment and etiquette. They’ve offered programs teaching everyone from “young ladies of good breeding” to, these days, savvy business professionals, how to interact effectively within specific social milieu.

In other words, they provide training that results in the confidence needed to be a success, whether as a socialite hostess or multi-cultural executive.

This is what the Coaches Finishing School is: A place to polish your formal coach training and turn it into powerful coaching you can trust. A program designed to support you with being the confident and successful coach you long to be.

If you’ve been asking some version of, “Are we there yet?” you may be ready for the transformation we offer at the Coaches Finishing School.

Stay tuned to this space as I share more about how to make the leap from feeling not ready to moving joyfully and confidently into the next phase of your calling as a coach. Or if you’re ready now to take full advantage of our coaching approaches, email lyn@coachesfinishingschool.com.

In celebration of the adventure!